Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), or bug sweeping, is a highly specialized service requiring tremendously expensive equipment, often over $100,000, and the corresponding rates for this service can easily surpass $10,000. Unfortunately, TSCM providers seem to fall into 2 categories, legitimate qualified professionals and those that put on a show for a client with lights and beeps from a kit purchased online. This can be a minefield for any client considering this service. Over the years, we have seen clients with real concerns, such as those in a contentious divorce, that simply don’t have the financial means to hire a firm that will come in and conduct a sweep appropriate for an overseas embassy. These clients are often turned away and who then fall victim to the latter providers of bug sweep services. We prefer to approach your service based on the capabilities of your potential or possible eavesdroppers.

Eavesdropping devices available to the general public have greatly improved over recent years, however some items remain very costly. Low-tech devices, such as voice activated recorders, are becoming increasingly clever and can prove difficult to identify. If that isn’t enough, our necessary technologies, such as cell phones and computers, can now be used against us.

Legitimate TSCM equipment and training are offered by a very limited number of organizations. We possess the requisite training from these firms and employ their state of the art equipment in our operation. A bug sweep is a highly technical service, but it is more than just plugging in and operating the equipment correctly. There is a skill to using the equipment as a tool to guide a provider in conducting a thorough search of any space. We have the real-world experience providing this service as professionals, in conjunction with utilizing the proper training and equipment. The overwhelming majority of bug sweeps, 80%-90%, do not find any devices. These figures include sweeps conducted by highly qualified teams working in high risk environments where there are daily threats from unknown entities. You want to be able to trust the results when you have a sweep conducted in your home, your vehicle or business. Contact us for a consultation and we will discuss a practical solution based on your specific needs. We do not claim to be former members of any government agency, which is not a prerequisite in our opinion, for being a qualified professional in this field. We will also be able to refer you to an equally professional firm for any type of significant service outside of the scope of our organization, including computer and smart phone examinations which are not typically included in a TSCM service.

We encourage you to research all of this information, and TSCM services in general, before contacting us for a consultation. As always, our references are available upon request.

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