We are uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional security consulting service. We hold the relevant experience and significant credentials to support this pledge. Our membership includes qualifications such as serving as the director of security at a worldwide fortune 500 corporation for over a decade and providing confidential personal security services for many prominent individuals.

We can provide consulting services to your small business, corporation or for any private individual. We give every client the same personalized attention and customized experience we ourselves would want when contracting any service. There is no one-size-fits-all answer and we don’t try and talk you into one. Industry standards are a bare minimum in our opinion, a security provider should strive to set new standards. Your consultation will be approached from this standpoint. During your consultation we will conduct a complete risk assessment, review policies and procedures and identify any area your business or personal safety are susceptible to threats, internal or external. We make the appropriate recommendations, with actionable proposals. Our consultation service can also be applied to any multi-faceted business proposal or contract bid, in any unrelated industry, requiring a security component.

Our services are designed to help our clients avoid making a costly mistake, plain and simple. There are many less than legitimate and unqualified security companies out there ready to tell you whatever it takes to get a contract signed and hand you an invoice. The overwhelming majority of clients, corporate or individuals, in need of security services simply do not have a background in security or investigations. They are at the mercy of who they are referred to, advertisements they have seen, or the urgency of the situation they are in. This often leads a poorly designed security service that is overpriced, ineffective and doesn’t solve any problems but rather, creates a new set of its own.

We are not a direct provider of security services, however we are able to accommodate specific requests, in-house, for specialized service requiring a physical presence, discrete operations as well as technical security needs. This is available on both a long and a short term basis. We have no arrangement with any type of manned or uniformed service or technical equipment security provider. However, we will recommend your best options, and help you choose the appropriate, qualified, and most cost-effective solution to your needs. As always, our references are available upon request.

The Gribbin Group LLC is a full service private investigation firm. Our services are not limited to these examples. Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your case.

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