We developed a standardized approach to rates and billing to take the guesswork out of managing investigative expenses.  A private investigator offers so many services to such a wide range of clients, from attorneys to corporations and insurance companies, and of course to private individuals, that it is often difficult to estimate an accurate cost and offer an all encompassing fair rate. Each investigation is unique, and regardless of the client or scope of the case, our services boil down to the same thing…spending the time in the field, doing the leg work, and using our experience to conduct a thorough, efficient, professional investigation.  We are properly positioned to work within any client’s budget.  Our current base rate is $77 per hour.  We also offer flat rate pricing for many services we provide. We believe fair and honest billing, and our straightforward approach will help build lasting client relationships, the key to our success.  Certain investigative expenses will require prior authorization. You decide your financial commitment to the investigation. We believe our standardized platform will offer a clear cost-effective solution to our competitors.

A rate sheet and standardization guidelines are available upon request. We work on a retainer basis, with signed contracts for services provided for all private individuals, TSCM or security consulting clients. Any unused retainer amount will be promptly returned. Clients establishing a relationship or requiring vendor agreements and net billing terms will always be accommodated, waiving the retainer requirement. Any of our billing practices can be itemized for accounting purposes upon request. Minimums do apply.