Who We Are

The Gribbin Group LLC is an initiative formed by dedicated investigators who have been providing professional services in the Philadelphia area as members of prominent firms, since the year 2000. Our paradigm is based on offering clients consistent legitimate services and providing accurate dependable investigative results. Achieving success through exhaustive efforts, qualified professionalism and real-world experience is our mission statement. The application of proper techniques, that can only be validated from considerable time spent in the field, defines qualified professionalism and legitimate services. We rely on actual certifications and proper training, as well as the latest technologies for any advantage. We do not offer services we aren’t positive we can deliver on. In our opinion, professionalism alone is the rule, not the exception, and should come standard as part of accepting a fee for any service.

Our System

Our new model is designed to offer a simplified experience for our clients to engage our services. Basically, our goal is to make it easy for a client to utilize employ us. Our integrated secure client portal will give you 24/7 access to your entire client portfolio, including all documents and reports, photo and video evidence, invoices, communications, contracts, and client profile. Your files, regardless of the status of investigation, will be always be available for reference or download and will also be accessible from any mobile device. Our website will operate as a clearinghouse for your entire relationship with us. This system operates under bank level security according to industry standards and with redundant backups, all content is protected from loss or corruption. The client portal also gives us the ability to offer completely confidential services for any client with privacy concerns. All aspects, including our identity, can remain entirely anonymous, because you control access. Hard copy is available upon request. Additional fees may apply.

This simplified and straightforward approach, we believe, offers a more cost-effective alternative to our competitors. This is clearly illustrated in our standardized approach to rates and billing, instituting flat rate pricing whenever possible. This is the foundation of our organizational reputation.